• It seems that there is no news. There are no concerts or releases in sight. However, this period of confinement, introspection and sweet solitude has allowed to consolidate friendships and collaborations at a distance. 2020 has been challenging at a collective level, and has therefore been conducive to reflection on what matters to us, what we want, what we are. I have taken the opportunity to learn to play tombak and daf, instruments that have become part of me, and to develop the vocal technique to shape songs that I have written and others that will happen without me predicting. Some collaborations are taking shape and I am very happy with these opportunities. They look like gifts from heaven! I spend my days singing, doing finger exercises, learning the lyrics of Turkish, Kurdish and Persian songs, expanding my breathing capacity with yoga exercises, preparing the set that will allow me to put the ideas for an upcoming album together. Stay tuned!