Síria is Diana Combo, who in this project joins her voice to the usual practice of combining vinyl records and field recordings, various instruments and other sound sources, giving form to sequences of songs, concepts and other audio material designed for performative contexts.

“It happened as if unwittingly, but still desired. I received a proposal to create a version of the song Gloria for a play and then a request to write and sing an original for another play. These events paved the way to the practice of transforming life episodes into texts to be sung. Lyrics and melodies emerged and took shape spontaneously and rapidly, blossoming into the fruits of prolonged thought labour about what seems more banal, or more eminent, or more obscure. Only later were layers of vinyl records added and other recordings were captured to accompany each moment or episode of this serene tidal wave, Cuspo (2018, Cronica).”


Island Fever


Secuencia IV: Síria y el Molino de Abajo de Vegas del Condado

The music, a mixture of field recordings, old vinyl, and her voice presents an intimate view of antique folk music put through a modern prism. The spectacle was delicate, exquisite and serene.

Jacobo García
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