Other Projects & Collaborations

The following is a tapestry colored by various collaborations across music, performance art, theater, cinema, and other creative disciplines.

Tarek Atoui, Alan Affichard and Diana Combo – Activation of Atoui’s exhibition Waters’ Witness (Serralves)
Secuencia IV: Síria y el Molino de Abajo de Vegas del Condado
Vincent Moon & Diana Combo at Festival Imaterial
New Chronologies of Sound
Danse Macabre
Rite Of Decay
The International Turntable Orchestra 2019
Diana Combo, Jesse Perlstein and Jeremy Young
Full Circle
Mínimo de Obstrução
Group Mind
Acqua sfocata
A Felicidade
Simon Crab
David Maranha Ensemble
Nova Criação
O Fosso dos Heróis
Mosso, poco mosso, quasi calmo
A Santa Joana dos Matadouros
MM Schäumend 2011
Andrea Neumann and Guests
Tiny Noise 2009

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