EOSIN is Diana Combo, who here composes and performs with vinyl records. Having started from a process close to plunderphonics, she gradually grew to include her own field recordings and other sounds collected from online archives. Her new compositions, or re-compositions, do not necessarily start from well defined conceptual or methodological strategies but are rather the result of intuitive exploration, informed by certain themes derived from theoretical research and the act of listening. Her use of vinyl records and record players has found yet another expressive outlet in the context of collective performance, where they’re wielded as instruments for improvisation. She has shared stages with Andrea Neumann, Ana Veloso, João Martins and Filipe Silva; Antoine Chessex, Werner Dafeldecker, Burkhard Beins, Nate Wooley, amongst others, and joined the second edition of T.I.T.O. (The International Turntable Orchestra) at Akademie Der Künste, in Berlin. She has performed solo at Transmediale, Tiny Noise and Festival ERTZ, and in venues as Casa da Música, Passos Manuel, Maus Hábitos, ZDB, Galeria Zaratan, Bar Irreal, Salon des Amateurs and General Public.

For Beniko

Unknown Presets #12

Noite JA #12

The result is frankly surprising, not only for the multiplicity of sound origins but also for their diversity – and, above all, the ability to take them to ‘nobody’s zone’. Between performance and composition, Eosin’s lexicon is proudly mixed and indeterminate.

ilo oliveira
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